Ace Attorney Investigations 2 not being localized =(

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To those that played the Ace Attorney series though the last 5 iterations that were localized, I'm sad to announce that AAI2 will not be localized . I know that most probably don't know about these great games, but for what little it's worth, here's a online petition to advocate AAI 2's localization. Please sign if you are interested, even though it will likely do little. They released the last 5 games in NA/Europe, so I'm heartbroken that they're stopping now...Ace Attorney and Professor Layton are my favorite DS games....Here's the Quick Look for the first AAI for those who don't know:

I'm so sad

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Yeah, I wish it was getting localized, but I can understand that it's probably a pretty costly title to localize due to all the text and the fact that it's a pretty niche title.

However, regardless of how badly I want to play more Ace Attorney, I refuse to sign your online petition...because online petitions don't matter.

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What a damn shame that would be, AAI was easily the best game in the series and I was looking forward to the sequel. Why is this, anyway? Phoenix Wright isn't THAT much of a niche title. Did Miles Edgeworth bomb in NA?

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That's a damn shame. 
Also... how did you get those emoticons?

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And I thought this would be a good day, and now this. Damn...

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that sucks im new to the series because i didnt have a DS when it came out, woth the release of the 3DS i have bought the first game and loving what i have seen of it.

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Oh no, you didn't just use emoticons on Giant Bomb..

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That's bizarre. Isn't AA pretty popular in the West?

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@dungbootle said:
That's bizarre. Isn't AA pretty popular in the West?
I think the first and possibly second game did well but they have slowly declined in popularity.
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I dunno, it feels like they've said that about every game in the series. Then miraculously, they end up localizing it.

The Ace Attorney series just has really low self-esteem for some reason.

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I laugh at your internet petitions

but yeah, it is a shame.

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Damn...  Ace Attorney Investigations wasn't as good (at least story wise) as the proper phoenix wright games but it was still very much enjoyable, it's a real shame.

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This game is on my mind nearly every damn day. It's nuts. The Ace Attorney series is one of the few I can always thoroughly enjoy.
Here's the go-to thread on Capcom's website for AAI2. An employee at Capcom replies in the topic himself multiple times. It's been a little while since he has done so, but I think the last time he did say anything, he said he'd review the options with fellow staff or at least see what can be done. It has just over 100 pages now!

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