bagronken's Gyromancer (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

All turn, no twist

Mixed bag

Gyromancer combines strategic turn-based puzzling with RPG elements, a combination that involves pretty much all my favourite genres. However, the mechanics behind each genre are rather weak, barely hitting the marks. Earning EXP and levelling up is generic and without any choices it feels bland and meaningless. The only strategic choice you have is which creatures to bring into battle, but their different abilities aren't diverse enough and doesn't really change anything inside the battles, and you never really have much choice which creature to use once you go into battle anyway.

Sum of its parts

All in all Gyromancer fails to impress with its ambitions. With bland mechanics, a counter-intuitive GUI and a very dull story there is little to drive you on. There's no real challenge and no need to change up any tactics, even if you could. The only things keeping it together is the main puzzle mechanic that's still solid, but you are better off playing something that concentrates solely on that instead, or try your luck at the Puzzle Quest franchise.

Pros & Cons

+ Combination of interesting genres

- Mechanics are barely up to scratch

- Lack of variation and challenge


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