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The best WiiWare offering at the time 0

Positive: - great visuals and sound - simple yet entertaining gameplay - 50 levels - decent two-to-four player co-op - only costs $7 -Negative: - some control issues - In a world where the Wii Shop Channel gets continually bad games (and even some supposed 'games' that aren't even games at all (*coughs* *My Pokemon Ranch*)), Gyrostarr is a happy exception. It's a great game all-around, and the only real problem worth noting is some control issues. It still doesn't feel like a real 9/10 game, but...

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Gyrostarr A Review By KingreX32 0

Since the Conduit is just around the corner I figured I would review one of High Voltage Software’s previous games. Gyrostarr is a wiiware title released for download on June 23 2008. It was developed by High Voltage Software, and published by you guessed it high Voltage Software. Gyrostarr is a tube shooter; players take control or a spaceship in a futuristic environment. Basically your objective in the game is to collect enough power to open a gate or portal to the next level. If you do not c...

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