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I know this is a random, weird post but I've been looking for a screen shot from this game for many years now. I've been to Google and pretty much every game site I can think of and yet I can't seem to find it. I'm starting to believe there isn't one anywhere on the internet.
See, my parents got me into video games and Gyruss was their favorite game on the NES. In the opening credits there is an evil looking bald man that used to scare me to death and ever since those days became distant memories, I've been seeking a screen shot of that man because I want to know if he still looks as sinister as he did back then. Plus I know my parents would love to see it again as well because I remeber them laughing their asses off at me being scared of it. Silly I know, but that's nostalgia for ya.
If anyone can find it or point me in the direction of a video or something that would be awesome.

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