Pre-Purchased on Steam...

#1 Posted by EvGar (135 posts) -

Gave me 20% off and access to the beta (of which I didn't even know about). So I installed the beta and attempted to play it, but it fails to load. I expected it would be able to load, but then tell me I can't play.

Also I am on a Mac.

Any ideas?

#2 Posted by salad10203 (654 posts) -

Did it say it was compatible with Macs? 

#3 Posted by EvGar (135 posts) -

It had the little logo that said PC and Mac on Steam. I'm at their site now to see if its a requirements issue, though I am skeptical...

Yeah their site says for mac.

#4 Posted by august (3881 posts) -
#5 Posted by EvGar (135 posts) -

@august: I might try that.

Right now I have all the correct requirements.

#6 Posted by EvGar (135 posts) -

Well I don't have a confirmation, but I think the beta might be PC only. I'll wait till the game comes out. Hopefully it'll work for me!

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