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Review: .Hack//Infection 0

Today's date is February 17, 2014. Had this been 10 years ago, I would have a much different number for .Hack//Infection. I like history, I have a very high respect for where the world has been and where we have come from. As much as I hate to think that age impacts things negatively, some things just don't age well. This game is one of them.Not very easy on the eyes.Right from your first log in to "The World" the game starts to show its age. An early PS2 game does not hold up well graphically...

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Interesting Idea 0

If you someone who enjoys online games but doesn’t exactly want to be called a “n00b” then, in theory, .hack is for you. The game takes the premise of an MMORPG and bundles it into an offline package. You can still trade, you can still fight enemies in countless dungeons, all of it, just offline. Also being based off of the anime series of the same name, it isn’t your average type of game. The basic premise of .hack (or dot hack, whichever you prefer) is you playing as a character named kite, w...

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.Hack//Infection Review 0

For my video review, go to, .Hack is known mostly for being a fairly interesting anime, and while that is true, it doesn't transgress into the video game market without some problems. Infection is part one of a four part series, in which you play as the character Kite, who was invited to play the online sensation that is "The World", by his friend, in game he's known as Orca of the Azure Sea. Upon showing Kite the ropes, Orca and Kite encounter a myst...

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