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Company History

Founded as Stout Construction Services in 1907, SCC functioned as a minor engineering company. Robert Halbech acquired the SCC twenty years later, shifting the company's services towards the defense industry as World War II came ever closer to breaking out. Halbech managed to use his contacts within the War Department, and the company managed to secure contract after contract to construct weapons and buildings for the military.

The company's profits continued to remain sky-high throughout the Cold War, with the arms race against the Soviet Union continuing to create a need for military contracts- and Halbech was only too happy to be of service.

Following the end of the Cold War however, the contracts finally dried up. Henry Leland, Halbech's CEO, has stated the company is going through a 'restructuring period', there has been concerns about this dry spell.

Enter Conrad Marburg, who'd recently participated in a black ops mission in Pakistan with disastrous consequences. Leland exploited knowledge of the mission, managing to use Marburg to lead him to Alpha Protocol.

Alpha Protocol

The gameplan for Halbech's renaissance seemed unstoppable. Generate a series of events around the globe that would create a second cold war- this one between the USA and China. This involved a number of actions- arming Al-Samad through the black market, blowing up a Roman museum, and arranging for the assassination of Ronald Sung, the president of Taiwan, among them.

Using Marburg's skills, Halbech managed to infiltrate Alpha Protocol, twisting the program for its own purposes. Following the airliner attack in Saudi Arabia, it was decided that an agent needed to be sent to destroy all evidence of Halbech's providing Al-Samad the missiles for the strike.

Someone like Michael Thorton.

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