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The Halberd is a small, mediocre compact car that appears in both Saints Row and Saints Row 2. None of the gangs actively use the Halberd as a gang vehicle, unless if the player opts to in Saints Row 2, in which case the 3rd Street Saints will use the Halberd. The car seats two people, and has abysmal specifications. Performance in the Halberd is unsurprisingly, lacking. Acceleration is acceptable considering the low high speed that the Halberd reaches, but neither of the two aspects are of merit for drivers looking something unique. Halberds can spawn anywhere in Stilwater, and can spawn as either a convertible, or as a hard top. Regardless, performance is uneffected. The Halberd is one of the hardest cars to locate when travelling along a highway, strangely.  The Halberd appears to be one of the smallest vehicles in game, alongside the Vortex. Most cars tower above them both.


The Halberd is an abysmal compact that is present in both Saints Row games. The acceleration of the car is not terrible considering the top speed, as it is relatively low. If there is one unique advantage to the size of this car, it is the handling. The Halberd is almost impossible to lose control of, unless it is done deliberately. This is down to the extremely short wheelbase of the car. As to be expected, the car is incredibly weak, and a headlong collision is normally all that is required to cause a Halberd to explode. The design of the car is evidently based on that of the Mini Cooper, and it is similar to the Ant, which was only in the original Saints Row.

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