banned8921's Half-Life 2: Episode One (PC) review

Zomg is that levio91 reviewing hl2 ep 2? yes it is retard.

This is the sequel to the game that is much different than Half Life 1 my fav Fps ever This game is of course Half life 2 and the game Im reviewing is Half Life 2: Episode 1… glad thats over with. I don’t like mentioning story In my reviews so im not… through the first half of the game all you can use is a super powered gravity gun and this isn’t fun everyones one shot kill and you also get alot more health than you would normally get this game is basically the last part of Half Life 2 extended … boring Im one of those guys that think the gravity gun sucks because 1. It uses the same sound effect over and over that sound gets very annoying if you keep playing so i think they should have put at least a couple of variable or random sounds that activate when you grab and shoot a physics object… yeah thats it it gets annoying though. the other half of the game is better but its just not even as fun as Half Life 2 this game was just a fail I didnt like it that much.
I give it a 3/5 because its a clone of the boring parts of Half Life 2.
Posted by banned8921

I said ep 2 epic fail.

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