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May 24, 2006: Half Life Episode Three announced, expected to launch December 2007.

I've been patiently waiting for three years. Some say they have taken so long because of Left 4 Dead. Well, they finished that game and then said a sneak peak of the third expansion would arrive December 2008. That never happened. And now nobody is even talking about it. I know about the theories about it taking as long as the jump between HL1 and HL2,  but that isn't totally clear in the interviews, and nobody has asked valve again about this. Anyways, if they expected to release it 3 years ago, then it shouldn't take so long. Is anybody as frustrated as I am? Have there been any news about it on 2009?

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I'm still hoping for an appearance on E3. :(

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Forcen said:
"I'm still hoping for an appearance on E3. :("
I was hoping that too
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I think I remember reading somewhere that Doug Lambardi (sp?) said it wasn't going to be an '09 release. That's a shame but I'll bet they'll be a trailer at e3.

Can't wait for it though I love the Half-Life 2 story arc so far.

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