How will this game be announced?

#1 Posted by Dtat (1704 posts) -

Knowing Valve and what they've done with Portal, I think they have something awesome up their sleeves for an announcement. It's not super fancy , but personally, I'd like to see this happen: 
At a press conference, they make no mention at all of Ep 3, and then they say goodbye and everyone begins to leave. Then, the lights go out, the screen flickers on and off the number "3." it goes out and we hear G-man's voice say "Dr. FreeEEEeeman..." the lights go on, and all the Valve guys act like nothing happened. 
Kind of lame I guess, but I would love it! :)
#2 Posted by Karmum (11515 posts) -

At this point, I don't think it's ever going to be announced. I've lost hope.

#3 Posted by moelarrycurly (731 posts) -

My theory is that Portal 2 is Half-Life 2: Ep. 3.

#4 Posted by Dtat (1704 posts) -
I think they'd be idiots to never release this game. and I don't think Valve are idiots. Besides! It's only been three years since ep 2, and if they're developing a new engine, that's not an unreasonable dev cycle.
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@moelarrycurly said:
"My theory is that Portal 2 is Half-Life 2: Ep. 3. "

0_0 I'd be alright with that.
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I agree with Dtat, Gman needs to give us the news!  And it would be the perfect cliche :)

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giantbomb has an unboxing video where they open a crate, all that is in it is a red crowbar and a live headcrab. 

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@moelarrycurly said:
" My theory is that Portal 2 is Half-Life 2: Ep. 3. "
This wouldn't be entirely surprising, but I will be way disappointed if thats the case.
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They are going to rip open a Resonance Cascade in the middle of Time Square.

#10 Posted by Azrail (405 posts) -

^ YES 

#11 Posted by BeachThunder (13062 posts) -

Gabe Newell will skydive down naked whilst holding a megaphone, shouting "HALLLLLFFF LIIIIFFEEEEEE THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

#12 Posted by Dtat (1704 posts) -
No offense, but I hope they take my advice and not yours. XD
#13 Posted by OutOfBounds9000 (2513 posts) -
@moelarrycurly said:
" My theory is that Portal 2 is Half-Life 2: Ep. 3. "
#14 Posted by Gabriel (4129 posts) -

Believe me if they announce Half Life episode 3 it aint gonna be like Portal 2, it should get it's own press conference at E3.

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It will be announced as the planet cracks in half and howling nuclear winds whip at our ragged clothes. The human race gasps a last collective breath and the last thing we all see is the release date in the teaser trailer.

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"Look under your chairs... EVERYBODY GETS A CROWBAR!!!"


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