The Kubler-Ross model or How I came to accept my faith in valve

#1 Posted by Gringus (74 posts) -

I noticed that my feelings on the next Half Life have pretty closely followed the five stages of grief. At first I assured myself that of course Valve would release it soon. Then once I got over that denial I grew angry at valve thinking that it was total bs that they won't say anything at all and that it hasn't come out yet. Then that grew into bargaining, I'd think that "ok we've waited this long, you should at least say something if anything at all". I skipped the depression phase, because seriously, why the fuck should I get depressed over a game. But then recently I came to the realization that Valve fucking knows what they're doing. They have an amazing track record, almost every game they've made has been amazing. They know Half Life better than anyone, they obviously have their reasons for the long production time and lack of any media coverage. Just realizing that the next installment is in the best hands possible created the solace I needed.

So that's my current feelings on the next Half Life. Where are you guys at?

#2 Posted by Seedofpower (4004 posts) -

Acceptance, now please shut up about it so everyone can move out with their lives.

#3 Posted by Brendan (8809 posts) -

I'm good. Too many good games coming out all the time to care. If it's good when ti comes out, sah-weet.

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My only problem with the idea that "they have their reasons" is because one of those reasons might be that they honestly don't have to personally develop a game ever again as "Valve" as long as they keep shuffling current talent into other teams they acquire and keep the steady stream of money coming in from the Steam distribution network.

But considering how sagely Gabe is about video game development, I somehow doubt that their Half-Life team isn't hard at work on *something* serious. When I keep in mind it's "only" been 4 years since Episode 2, and how long it takes Valve to develop a game (which is not a knock, because they release some quality products every time because of this fact), specifically a new game engine, and when you realize they're as secretive as they are because they've been burned majorly in the past with the theft of the Half-Life 2 source code, it's possible to maintain hope and faith.

#5 Edited by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

I dont know, whats the stage where you make sardonic jokes about it but deep in your mind you cry your self to sleep.

#6 Posted by cstrang (2362 posts) -

I'm over it. The game isn't coming out any time soon. Even if it were, I'm of the mind-set that Half-Life 2's gameplay mechanics are pretty dated.

#7 Posted by Getz (3444 posts) -

Every year or so I'll look at the calendar and realize it's been forever since the last Half-life game but mostly I just don't really care. It'll come out when it comes out, Valve's not going to work any faster because people are complaining. That said, I plan to play Half-life 2 tomorrow because it's as good an excuse as any to play that game again.

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