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#1 Posted by Vivek (647 posts) -

Since getting my new rig, I came back to HL2:EP2 seeing that my new GFX cards could easily handle it, instead of crashing like my old pc. Have to say though the experience is short one, I felt fullfilled to the point where **SPOILER** I almost felt teary at the end when Eli dies infront of you helplessly and Alyx weeps over his body **SPOILER OVER**

What an experience. Cant wait for EP3.
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join the club

#3 Posted by ZombieHunterOG (3529 posts) -
Thrawn said:
"join the club"
WE have jackets 
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Episode 2 was an emotional journey i didn't expect. Episode 3 i hope can conclude that journey for me.

#5 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8663 posts) -

Episode 2 was excellent and the ending was so sad. i am not ashamed to say that I got a bit red and teary-eyed when that occured. Valve is truly the master of their craft.

#6 Posted by Psynapse (1084 posts) -

Yeah, i was so shocked near the end... I was like 'WOO HOO I WIN... OHHH FUCKKKKK!!!"

#7 Posted by FrEeZe (309 posts) -

Just completed for like the 4th time! 
And holy crap there is so much boring/slow exposition in this game. STFU NPC's just open the fucking door so I can play the damn game.

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#9 Posted by eroticfishcake (7857 posts) -

Aye I didn't know how much I liked the characters until I saw the ending. Great stuff it is.

#10 Posted by Lolzhacked (91 posts) -
@ZombieHunter said:
" Thrawn said:
"join the club"
WE have jackets  "
Where can I get one!! :D

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