What colour are Alex's Knickers? :P

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Grow up.

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Gman doesnt wear any either.

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Atlas said:
"Grow up."
Also I believe they were red in the beta and purple in the game.
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There has to be some kind of sick MOD to meet our needs somewhere, Sedarati.

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Google is your friend.

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Try asking the Almighty Google.

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This topic makes me go :(

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Find the Half-Life 2 cinematic mod. It's pretty amazing. They basically remade a huge amount of assets for the game but at a very high resolution. It's something like 2 gigs to download the whole thing, and I believe it's now Episode 2 compatible It adds music, sound effects, and a whole lot of other shit. There are many Alyx skins in there, several of which are completely or partially nude, along with a program you can use to set the skin.

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