Should I tear out the e-sports section?

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I think its badly written and makes alot of unsubstantiated claims (specifically about CS:S being "random"and "easy") which don't seem to have any bearing on reality and are very un-encyclopedic. I'm not qualified to write about this aspect of the game, but I think there is alot of other information that could be going in that space. Would anybody object to me pretty much rewriting the page?

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It's actually pretty informational for someone who doesn't know much about competitive CS.  And it really doesn't seem all that biased.  I think changing the wording a little would be preferable to taking the whole thing out.  For instance:  
 This deeply fragmented the Counter-Strike community, as the gameplay of 1.6 was still preferred by many.  

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@EvilTwin: I suppose, but given how oppinionated this guy seems to be, I'm kind of concerned about the accuracy of the rest fo it. I guess some research is in order.
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I'm not sure as to why this is a thread. Just change it, and take it up with the mod that is in charge of the approval.

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@CH3BURASHKA: because I don't like undoing the work of others unless there is agreement that it is necessary? Maybe I just have to much of a wikipedia attitude.

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