Black Aperture?

#1 Posted by Chias (85 posts) -

so this new website popped up, Black Aperture, and all it features is a Half Life 3 Logo, some copyright information. and some Valve and Steam logos. Any one else seen this yet?

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No! Stop doing this! Stop trying to make me believe just to crush me in the end I wont do it again you hear me! 
Leave me alone!! *curls up in a ball in the corner sobbing clutching a headcrab plushie*

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It seems a little to obvious for Valve. They would be this obvious if they'd already announced something but they haven't so I'm guessing not.

#4 Posted by Koobz (413 posts) -

Seems lazy and fake to me. Valve built a fucking ARG inside Portal 1's raw patch files to hint at Portal 2. They aren't going to just shit out a dumb logo for a site that links to the damn Orange Box.

Also the shitty, cryptic "Status: Mark 7" page name is a really poor attempt recreating some kind of that Valve mystery. Their writers are not talentless 12-year-olds who would seriously have the HL3 announcement site be called Status: Mark 7.

I will bet you my butt this is just as much bullshit as that fake GTA V website earlier this year that said V was for Vice City.

#5 Posted by I_smell (4212 posts) -

@Koobz:Yep! A little bit harsh, but yeah that's exactly what I thought. It's too obvious and too dumb, especially for Valve.

And besides that; Aperture Science HATES Black Mesa, they would never team up, don't be fucking insane.

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It's a lie, Half Life 3 and Episode 3 never have and never will, exist. Once you accept it, things become much easier.

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This is probably a lie, but here's some serious research I did.

Anybody who thinks this is by Valve Corporation should read up on the IP address registration (you can learn more about .com ownership by going to WHOIS.GODADDY.COM and typing in a domain URL) and you will find that the domain is owned by a "David Hassen, PO Box 459, Drums, P.A. US 18222". No connection to Big Gabe whatsoever. Except the address, which is the address of Network Solutions, a web hosting service for businesses in Pennsylvania. If you click the HL3 logo in the middle, however, you will find you are taken to "" before being swiftly redirected to "". This domain, ( is owned by "Valve Corporation, PO Box 459, Drums, P.A. US 18222". Why are they the same address? I check out many other domains and was shown different addresses. The circumstances are nerve-wracking.

This could be something...

#8 Posted by TooWalrus (13342 posts) -

Looks hella fake.

#9 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

Here is the dns info

Serial Number2011121900
Refresh8 hours
Retry2 hours
Expiry7 days
Minimum1 hour
black-aperture.comA1 hour182.50.134.1 ()
black-aperture.comSOA1 2011121900 28800 7200 604800 3600
ns65.domaincontrol.com216.69.185.43Scottsdale, AZ, US
ns66.domaincontrol.com208.109.255.43Scottsdale, AZ, US


Looks Fake

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@halflife3isnotalie: If Valve relocated to Drums, PA, I'll drive down tomorrow after work and ask Gabe personally.

#11 Posted by MiniPato (2808 posts) -

And if they were gonna announce something, they wouldn't be this up front about it.

They'd just tweet numbers. Then the fans will figure out that those numbers are GPS coordinates that lead to the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Then the fans will sail out there and dive deep down to the ocean floor to dig up a water proof lockbox that has some kind of ancient looking artifact. The fans will then figure out that the key opens pandora's box and that they will probably have to find whatever's in the box to get the next clue. They open pandora's box to find a flash drive. On the flash drive is a txt. file with some indiscernible code with hundreds of letters and numbers. The fans figure out that it isn't some kind of computer code but they just had to rearrange the letters and numbers and after millions of permutations they see it's a url. They enter the url to find nothing but a white page with the words "Half Life 3" in the corner in size 12 times new roman font.

Because fucking Valve and Valve fans are goddamn crazy, this will only take a matter of hours to discover.

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I'd like to point out that The Orange Box didn't come out in 2009, and it would make absolutely no sense if anyone made a website that ugly that late to try and advertize a two year old release.

#13 Posted by mehojevich (26 posts) -


maybe we will get source engine 2?

half life 3/portal3/tf3

part of orange box 2

but shit i waited like 7 years for HL2, after HL1

*not getting hopes up*

its valve prepare to wait

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#15 Posted by kennyawinnerhl3 (2 posts) -

I have an idea. E3 2012. Maybe that site [] was related to E3 2012 because hl3 might be released at e3 2012!



HOW TO SEE THE E3 2012 on that site:

hit ctrl+ a

#16 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

All logos have been removed from the site. Kinda thing its fake. 

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