Half-Life 3?

#1 Posted by Alix2904 (3 posts) -

I found this short teaser (prob fake but it could be real):

Loading Video...

Plus this :

Anyway I want to believe HL3 is coming out this June but I'm septical about it :S But I do think it's possible they released it in 2014 (refering to the teaser)

It might be fake but I want to believe HL3 is coming out some day!!

#2 Posted by OfficeGamer (1120 posts) -

I don't care anymore, when it comes it comes. the hl3 anticipation is not healthy

#3 Edited by Pr1mus (4099 posts) -

It's not cryptic enough for Valve. They would never tease something in such an obvious way.

#4 Posted by Barrock (3760 posts) -

I thought In Sane was dead? Also Fortnite is coming out in June?

#5 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4011 posts) -

Don't buy it. I'm through letting you hurt me HL3 rumors.

#6 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4197 posts) -

Sure, why not.

#7 Posted by DeF (5212 posts) -

Do people still fall for supposed teaser trailers posted on random ass youtube accounts?!

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According to a comment in that YouTube video, it seems that the audio is from Tomb Raider. Though that knowledge wasn't at all necessary to know this was a fake.

Flagged the thread, nothing to see here.

#9 Posted by fox01313 (5175 posts) -

Valve hates the number 3 in their games so guessing more of the endless rumor mill on this.

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Video is absolutely fake, at this point I really don't care, when it comes out it comes out.

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Let's look at the facts here:

  • Voice over is all from HL2 Episode 2
  • Posted on random youtube account
  • Logo is just an altered HL2 logo (easily done in photoshop)
  • No game footage

Anyone who thinks this is real is the most gullible person of all time.

#12 Posted by Fluttercry (233 posts) -

I'm starting to become convinced that HL3 will actually never happen. It's been so long and the market has changed so much since HL2.

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Who cares. It will happen when it happens.

#14 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

Half-Life 3 is never going to happen.

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@def said:

Do people still fall for supposed teaser trailers posted on random ass youtube accounts?!

When the creators post them in enough forums, someone might …

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Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2 Episode 3?

I don't care about it either. It isn't that relevant anymore as they dropped the ball completely and most people have moved on. It'll take something truly special to recreate the fan base Half-Life used to have. I bet many younger video gamers don't even know what Half-Life is, I mean, was.

#17 Edited by mellotronrules (1478 posts) -

seriously there should be an automatic lockdown of hl3 threads until there's something from valve. when there's a new version of source to show, there will be a new half life. until then, let's all pretend like it doesn't exist.

#18 Posted by Subjugation (4783 posts) -

First post? Seems legit.

#19 Edited by Nikoran (171 posts) -

I get the feeling, when, or if, this comes out, it's going to be the biggest disappointment since DNF.

#20 Edited by Zaccheus (1823 posts) -

I have just given up at this point. I don't give a fuck until there is some rock-fucking-solid info.

#21 Posted by Meltac (2000 posts) -

The Steambox is Half Life 3!

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