Paper Half-Life 1 & 2 (videos)

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  (not made by me if anyone was wondering)

#2 Posted by Fattony12000 (7969 posts) -

Pretty damn awesome! The movement and audio are synced up brilliantly.

#3 Posted by momosauky1 (166 posts) -

this is stop motion right?

#4 Posted by warxsnake (2720 posts) -
@momosauky1: yep
#5 Posted by TooWalrus (13342 posts) -

That's neat, way better than actual Half Life.

#6 Posted by nintendoeats (6144 posts) -
@TooWalrus said:
" That's neat, way better than actual Half Life. "
#7 Posted by guiseppe (2843 posts) -

Haha, sweet. Zombie dance = lol.

#8 Posted by JCTango (1485 posts) -

Cool stuff!
Stop motion animation rocks.

#9 Posted by Damodar (1682 posts) -

Nice. Reminded me of how many cool moments Half Life 2 had. Just a shame the hoverboat section of the game goes for so long and brings it down a bit.

#10 Posted by Spoonman671 (5136 posts) -

I never finished the original Half-Life so this is actually a nice way to get caught up.

#11 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

Haha, awesome.

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