The Name Origin?

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I've never played Half Life 1, and I'm only 1/4 through Half Life 2. So can someone explain to me what the name has to do with anything in the game? I know Half Life is like the halving of radioactive material in organisms or something like that, but If i'm wrong, please do tell XD

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I doesn't really have anything to do with the game from what I saw, but all the HL1 expansions (Blue Shift and Opposing Force) also have names that have to do with scientific terms.

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Gordon Freeman=Physicist


All you need to know.

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lol fair enough, i was just curious because we're learning about relative aging and shit in my science class. When he mentioned Half Life i chuckled a little XD fun game... fun game...

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"The titles of Half-Life and its expansion packs are all named after scientific terms. Half-Life itself is a reference to the half-life of a quantity (such as a radioactive material), the amount of time required for the quantity to decay to half of its initial value. The Greek letter lambda, which features prominently on the game's packaging, represents the related decay constant, as well as the Lambda Complex featured in the game. Opposing Force, while it could be named because the player assumes the role of one of the enemies in the original game, is also a reference to Newton's third law of motion, while Blue Shift refers to the blue shifting of the frequency of radiation caused by the Doppler effect, in a similar parallel reference to the blue color of the security uniforms. In Half-Life: Decay, the title again references the half-life equation with the Lambda symbol being the decay constant."

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