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Half-Minute Hero Review 0

In this very unique PSP game you'll have the ability to play it from different modes. Each mode will give you a different taste of game play, and if you are able to successfully navigate through the entire game you'll notice that this game will indeed take longer than half a minute. Some of the modes will have you trying to get from one end of the map to another while dealing with random encounters. Another mode will have you shooting in 4 different directions as you try to navigate a stage to c...

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A great PSP time waster 0

I'm not sure how many people use their portable devices in this fashion, but I am the type of person who picks up a psp for 20minutes before bed or while on a bus. Half-Minute Hero is the perfect game for that type of situation. Each level is self contained and takes a maximum of 5minutes to complete. That's not to say that they are all simple. As the game progresses the levels get more complex, and the two optional missions are less obvious.   The art style is cute, and the dialog pokes fun at ...

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Time well spent 0

 What if you were only given thirty seconds to save the world? That’s the premise behind XSEED Games and Marvelous Entertainment’s latest PSP role-playing game, Half-Minute Hero, a fast-paced RPG which sports a look that harkens back to the days of the 8-bit Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior games on the NES. In actuality, Half-Minute Hero is four games on one disc (or download; it’s also available on the PlayStation Network for the benefit of PSPgo users). The first is “Hero 30″ mode, a role-playing...

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Best Commute Game Ever 0

HMH is one of those games that may only appeal to a particular audience, but if you fit the bill, you're going to have a blast with this game.  There are a handful of game modes in HMH, but they all revolve around time as a limiting factor.  The meat of the game is a sped up JRPG that usually has you completing a quest that would take an hour+ in a real RPG in a couple minutes.  The games usually are actually longer than 30 seconds because you can spend gold to reset the time back to 30 seconds,...

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Sometimes, Heroes Just Don't Have Enough Time 0

  In honor of one of the most unique RPGs the PSP (or any console) has seen in quite some time, I'd like to write a review in half a minute. Actually, scratch that. A thirty second review would be too brief to be of use to anyone, so instead, I'll divide my Half-Minute Hero review into thirty bite-sized chunks in honor of the game's thirty missions per mode.   Read on to find out if this game is worth thirty seconds (or several thirty second intervals) of your time. 1) Half-Minute Hero i...

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Half minute game 0

 Just finished this game and though that I write couple lines about this. I won't go on to details on what kind of game this is, because chances that everyone interested know what this is. Also the name tells quite well what this is about. I used just under 8h to finish the games. Only the extra 3 sec hero is to be done. Probably will try to do it because it seems to unlock the music player. And the music is one of the better things in this game. Anyway I can say that I enjoyed the retro feel an...

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30-Second Parody. 0

 With as ripe as the medium is for mockery, it's surprising that actual parody is as rare as it is in the realm of video games. Even then, the few games that attempt to play thin storylines and derivative mechanics for laughs often fall into the same traps that they make fun of. They themselves employ these mechanics and stories, which misses the point of a work whose purpose is to "call out" other works for their failings.Half-Minute Hero is a parody in the ways it reduces the RPG genre, often ...

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