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Halfbrick Blast Off is a physics-based sci-fi flight game available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Gameplay is simple while the system is incredibly deep. The player must launch their rocketship from Earth and attempt to collect various floating astronauts around the level. The control the rocketship, the player can boost using the A button and turn with the left stick. However, the gravity of planets and objects within each level must be taken into account. With proper use of the manual controls combined with the nearby gravity, players can actually "slingshot" around the level by using planetary gravity to their advantage. After a certain quota of astronauts are collected, the player must then navigate to the activated warp gate to finish the level. Halfbrick Blast Off has many levels with varying difficulty modes.

Halfbrick Blast Off is available on the Xbox Live Community Games section for a price of 400 Microsoft Points. It will soon be followed by more games in the Halfbrick Fridays series, including Halfbrick Echoes, Halfbrick Thrusts and Halfbrick Zombies Are Coming!

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