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In Kingdom Hearts I

When you arrive in Halloween Town, you will notice how different it is from the motion picture ''Tim Burton's: The Nightmare Before Christmas''. First of all there is nothing about Christmas in although Jack Skellington does defeat Oogie Boogie. This world wasn't long and no notable things happened (except the fact that when you are in this world you become an undead).

In Kingdom Hearts II
Welcome to Halloween Town

  When you go back to Halloween Town in the PS2 sequel, you will meet your friend Jack completly into the Christmas season after he visited a town not far away, Christmas Town. So his plan is to bring Christmas to Halloween town but first he wants his love Sandy Claws to approve. But nothing goes as planned as the town is infested by Heartless and Oogie Boogie is resurrected by Maleficent. He's seeking revenge and will try to stop Christmas from happening anywhere in the world by destroying the town and making Santa a Heartless. Sora and his companions will stop Oogie Boogie by defeating him once again and Santa will tell Jack how Christmas is for Christmas town and that Halloween Town is made for Halloween in a memorable speech.

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