Let's Play Halo 2...multiplayer...together!

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Back when a Killtacular meant killing 4 enemies within 4 seconds of each other.

Back when getting an Overkill meant you heard 'Un-Freakin' Believable!' from The Announcer.

So, Halo 4...that's a thing that people around the world are playing. But what about those of us who are getting a sudden, weird urge to play the multiplayer for Halo 2? Yeah, I know, ever since the OG Xbox Live service went dark on May the 11th, 2010 at 01:58 EDT, it's been kinda tricky to find an open game these days. Well, as I'm sure many of you know, those of us with a computer and an Internet have been able to make use of free tunnelling (XLink Kai, in this case) software, to essentially trick the Xbox (or Xbox 360) into allowing system link games to take place over the World Wide Web. For free, no Live account required. The process of setting up this software is pretty quick and pretty simple, free of charge and even I got it working. But before I go down the route of telling you how to get all hooked up, I want to make sure that we've got a good pool of people to play with!

I thusly propose that we go back in time and play some of this excellent video game. Together. FOREVER. So, please reply in this here thread, send me a PM, make your mark or sign your John Hancock to let me know you're interested. I plan to get all the games that I play in recorded for posterity, we could use Mumble for voice chat to communicate, and we will be playing a lot of super sweet custom games. That is, if you donate your time and fun juice to me.

Brave duders who have signed up so far

1. Fattony12000

2. Callumrides

3. Leviticus128

4. Oscar__Explosion

5. believer258

6. verysexypotato

7. aidros

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yeah im down for some lockout : )

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Damn, I totally would if I owned an Xbox, but here is a free bump anyways.

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Sign me up :)

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Fuck it I'm in if I can get the software to work on this shit computer I'm working with.

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@Bucketdeth: Do you have an Xbox 360, or an original Xbox? I think both/either might work with each other, cross compatible style. I might just be fucking crazy in the brain though, I'll have to check on that!

@Callumrides: @Leviticus128: @Oscar__Explosion: Thanks duders! Don't forget to tell your friends to come on down to join the party! I'll be posting more deets and sheets once we get the numbers just a little bit higher.


Dat single bomb Assault on Headlong.

Dat shotguns only Tower of Power on Ascension.

Dat three team fiesta King of the Hill on Midship.

Dat BTB multi flag CTF on Waterworks, with Banshees, Ghosts, Warthogs and Scorpions.

Dat Team Slayer all duals on Gemini.

Dat four team CTF on Warlock.

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if only my pc could run halo 2......

best of luck and happy hunting

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I shall if I can get it up and running.

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Just let me know where and when. When I get back from work, and finish up some GB-game shit tonight, I would love to figure out how to get this up and running.

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Okay. I'm in also. favorite halo game, so i'd love to play with you duders!

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So basically this software is XBConnect? Used to use it all the time to play the original Halo online. Old school.

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Sorry, man.   Thanks for the invite, but I officially retired Halo 2 with this video:

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just get halo 2 PC and use a xbox controller.

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@aidros: It's also my favorite halo. I have to know how this xbox-connection shenanigan works. Do we know if this setup allows for multiple people per console? If so, I can promise at least 3 people on my end. I've got a few xboxes as well.

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Well, this might be worth trying to fix my old Xbox after I destroyed it with XBMC.

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@living4theday258: The PC won't be running Halo 2, your Microsoft Xboxing Video Gamer System will do all the heavy lifting, your computer and your bandwidth are providing the means for us to transmit Halo 2 signals to each other.

@believer258: Great! I will be posting a video and/or text guide soon.

@verysexypotato: Sweet!

This method of playing means everyone will be in System Link mode on their machine, so yes, anything you can do over System Link is what you can do when playing through a tunnel.

@aidros: Sweet!

@shadowwolf9: It is! We could use XBC, I just suggested Kai because it seemed a little easier to set up, and it found my Xbox much quicker and easier. We'll use whatever is best for everyone. Also, is your reply an "I'm in!" or an "I'm out!"?

@csl316: Halo 2 didn't quit on you. Believe. 16 player FFA invisible Crazy King on Lockout with dual wielded needlers only, didn't quit on you. Finish the fight.

@xMEGADETHxSLY: I've played way too much of each platform version to know what the PC one just isn't the same as the original recipe. Also, we need to ensure everyone is using Duke Xbox controllers and not mice.

@Dezinus: Do you have an Xbox 360?

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Any updates on this?? I would looove to get this ship-a-sailin'. I've got two boxes and about 5 people on board. I've never used Mumble, do we need a paid account to use it? I'll read more into this.

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Just a test post that I forgot to delete! Apologies.

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Rorie drunkposting...or Rorie testposting, will we ever know the true answer?

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@rorie said:

This is bad text.


wou... would it be alright to flag this?

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@hero_swe: Maybe he's just mad he missed the playdate?

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If we can play awesome custom game types then I'm down. I've had a hankering for some Troy for a few years now.


The goal of this game is simply to kill the opponents with one life and with brute shots.

Gametype Settings

Settings: Two-Flag Capture the Flag

Primary Weapon: Brute Shot

Secondary Weapon: None

Weapons on Map: None

Starting Grenades: None

Grenades on Map: None

Active Camo: Off

Overshield: Off

Shields: None

Motion Sensor: Off

Vehicles: None

Lives: One life

Score to Win Round: 1

Slow with Flag: On

Damage with Flag: Massive

Honor Rules

-You must fire all your ammo at the beginning of the game--if you hit the opponent, lucky you; if not, too bad!

-Generally the game is played to kill the opponents, rather than to capture the flag, since you only have one life.

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