zeus_gb's Halo 2 (PC) review

Such a wasted opportunity to create something great

You reprise your role as the "Master Chief" doing battle with the Covenant and the Flood.

Good Points:

Decent enough story.
Good voice acting.
Dual wield.

Bad Points:

Awful graphics.
Multiplayer on LIVE.
Vista only...yeah right!

Halo 2 has a decent enough story but there are things that aren't explained at all. How did they get back to Earth? How did Johnson survive the Flood attack? All of these questions aren't answered in the game but thankfully are answered in the book.

Good voice acting is allways a must for any game. Cortana, Master Chief, Sgt Johnson reprise their roles and on the whole they do a fantastic job especially Sgt Johnson he is awesome.

Duel wielding in always great fun especially the Brute plasma rifles, they are just hand held death.

Now i'm a believer of graphics not being important but what the hell happened to the graphics in this game. The graphics aren't the greatest in the world obviously because it's an old game from a console but the graphics are no where near recent games. There are horrible looking textures on buildings and vehicles, it's certainly not what I was expecting from a game released in 2007.

The only multiplayer available is through Microsofts LIVE service of which there are two tiers silver and gold. Silver is the cut down version that only allows you to use the game browser whereas Gold will allow you to use quick match. Anyway I didn't play multiplayer because I don't want to have to sign up for LIVE. Why should I? Why should I have to pay to get all the features that other PC games give you for free?

"Enhanced for Windows Vista" that's what it says on the box but that's a load of ****. It's hard to imagine that it's enhanced or optimised for anything. In fact the only reason it only works on Vista out of the box is because they made it that way, I reviewed this game on an XP machine and the game works fine.

Overall this is a lacklustre port of what was a half decent console game. They seriously needed to release this game before 2007.

Review PC: QX6850 Extreme (3.0GHz Quad Core), 4GB RAM, 768MB Geforce 8800GTX, SB Audigy ZS, XP SP2.


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