Who is your favorite character?

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Who is your favorite character in Halo 3: ODST? Mine's The Rookie I guess
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Virgil. (SI)
Cute. Cutely. Bad ass. Hilarious. I'd want him as a pet.

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Virgil is pretty awesome.

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The Rookie? Huh. I don't get it, he's a non-entity. It's not that I dislike him, it's that I don't feel anything for him at all. 
Picking someone who's actually a character, I gotta go with Dutch.

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My favorite character in every Halo game is always the grunts.  Fun & easy to kill, cute, funny.  They probably have the most personality of any character in the whole series.

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Tie between the Rookie, Romeo and Super.
I picked Romeo.

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Virgil is a cute little guy.

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I pick Dare, because shes kinda awesome

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Vergil is the only character I even liked in the game. I didnt really find any great at all, mostly not a big deal and kinda annoying. However, in Firefight, Romeo is the man, when running over covenant in a warthog, he always says "You like my driving!?" and its the best line in the game.

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My favourite ODST is either Buck or Dare, but my favourite character is the Superintendent. I suppose I'm generally intrigued by the concept of intelligent AI and right from when Bungie first introduced the character the SI interested me a lot. From the way the SI manages to communicate with humans even from its simple selection of phrases like "PLEASE REMAIN CALM" and "KEEP RIGHT", to the whole idea of an entire city being controlled by a single AI, I love everything about the SI.

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Dutch for sure. And I gotta agree with Gamer_152, the city AI concept was sick.

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Buck has the best lines.

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I like the rookie. He's sort of the ersatz masterchief of the game.
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No love for Micky lol
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Went with Buck, Mal Reynolds can lead me into combat any day.

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Nothing really happened though, so I can't really choose a favourite character.  I guess I'd pick the Rookie because he kept his mouth closed.

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Theres characters?

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Buck FTW
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They all were pretty awful

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A. an ODST
B. an ODST
C. an ODST
D. an ODST
E. an ODST
hard choice, i go with D

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The rookie, he's quiet and doesn't act cocky which makes him really cool!

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This is an unfair question. :c 
Forced to choose, it'd be Romeo.

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The Rookie or Buck. I had a feeling the Rookie would be winning so I went with Buck.
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Buck.   Bam said the lady!

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Bob is cool.

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I wouldn't know, My 360 pissed itself inside out 7 minutes into ODST. Last time it happened was during the beginning screen for Halo 3. I think I won't be playing anymore Halo games on my 360 when it gets back from Texas. 

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