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Halo 3 ODST is worth the wait

So, after playing Halo 3 your expectations for ODST should be quite high, you may also be expecting new innovations in the Halo series and a game thats worth the full price tag, not just an expansion. ODST delivers on almost everything.

ODST's story is nothing special but the way it is set up is, you play as the Rookie in an openworld night-time city, and search for clues for each of your squadmates, everytime you find a clue you are taken back to play as a different character and find out how that clue got there, this is a real change for the Halo series and it works well. The graphics in ODST are similar to Halo 3's, so it looks good, if not great. The gameplay is also pretty similar to Halo 3's with the exception of dual wielding and the fact that ODST's aren't as strong as the masterchief and have health, as well as a new VISR and no motion tracker. In other words the gamepley is as fun as ever and the changes make it varied enough and interesting. ODST also has brilliant music like all the Halo games. Firefight is awesome, and the second disc is great for fans of Halo 3 multiplayer. The campaign could've been longer and more varied.

The campaign is enjoyably differently paced from Halo 3 but I didn't find it as fun or varied. Multiplayer is as awesome as always. Overall, Halo 3 ODST is more than an expansion and worthy of the full price tag for the amount of content on both discs.    

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