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ODST - nice campaign

I didn't know how I'd feel about playing a Halo title w/out Master Chief, but I had a great time playing through the solo campaign.  I loved the music and visuals, especially playing the Rookie, as it differentiated itself from the other Halo games.  There were a few challenging points in the game, but overall it was very playable and fun.  I haven't played through on legendary co-op yet, and haven't played firefight, but plan to do both.  Switching between characters and what was really a drastic change in environments every other level kept the game fresh.  Also, great choices in the lead characters w/ Captain Mal and the Cylon :)  I found myself wandering through Mombassa streets immediately after finishing the game, so that speaks to the replay value.  The achievements are interesting enough that I'll likely go back through and grab a few.  Overall, a very fun game that gave a different perspective to the Halo universe.

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