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halo. what more is there to say about it. other than its awsome, its cool. well i think it is dumb because its to over dramatic. after the original halo it got bumb thats when they should have stoped. BUT they kept going and it got dumb so i stoped playing it and lets get real the xbox live is cool the people ON xbox live for halo 3 ire usually douchebags. and it got realy dumb when they anounced halo 3 ODST that made it even worse. then i thought will this be better and my answer after 3 min. was no its going to be the dumb shit it has allways ben. so i say no and to stop playing halo games except halo 1 because it was awsome

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How odd. I hate Halo and everything about it, but this blog made me want to go play it. Maybe because it made no sense?
Either way, ODST looks good. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean the millions of people playing Halo right now agree with you.

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It's kind of ironic you're calling something dumb with a blog written like this.
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...What the hell did I just read? Also, stop after a highly successful and new IP? KK, that's a great idea.

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Please try again. 

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Halo is so bumb I just cannot even believe it anymore.

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ty for seeing my point
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ArnoldThepillow, I hope you don't have kids.

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  "i think im dumb, maybe just happy" 
Halo isnt dumb, its just happy!
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Know what's dumb? Bad grammar.  
But you're entitled to your opinion, welcome to Giant Bomb. I hope you enjoy your short stay here. 

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@ArnoldThepillow: dude, you really got to stop posting.
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I love Halo, I think youre dumb.
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@big_jon said:
"I love Halo, I think youre dumb. "

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I think it is funny that one of the few words he managed to spell correctly was 

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