Has anyone ever installed this game to the hard drive?

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I remember back when the function to upload games on 360 started, Bungie warned people not to install it because the game wasn't made for it, I'm just wondering if anyone here has tried it, and what exactly happens?

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It makes the maps load way slower, because of the caching process.

That's all it does.

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Jeff installed Halo 3 on the 27th of November, 2007. It did not go well.

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I did an I don't really remember anything other than long load times.

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No, but I know that if you play the game in split-screen on a widescreen TV, it puts it into a 4:3 box. That's messed up man!

Back on topic, I think it's crazy that they managed to make a game that loads faster off the disk than the hard drive.

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Yeah, I did. I remember that my brother chastised me for installing it, but I said that longer load times was more bearable than the noise.

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Yep. Longer load times. Less noise.

Frankly, though, Halo 3's load times are pretty long anyway and the Xbox 360's noise level is pretty high anyway, so you just decide which one you want to lessen. Don't install for shorter loads, do install for less noise.

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