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#51 Posted by Dracomaster01 (155 posts) -

@spraynardtatum: You're right. And since I don't own all of them, I can only play like 3 modes.

#52 Posted by spraynardtatum (4245 posts) -
#53 Posted by believer258 (13381 posts) -

@verendus said:

Still the best Halo game on 360.

Second best. They ported the first one, remember?

#54 Posted by Humanity (12929 posts) -

Well because I'm on an American account but currently living in Europe I can't even download Halo3 because of some regional shenanigans so I'll never experience that greatness, unless I go out and buy it for like $5.

#55 Edited by DharmaBum (1077 posts) -

@humanity: are you able to make a free account or is that blocked in the region too?

Also might be worth getting a cheap copy of ODST instead so you get all the H3 DLC, unless you're more in it for the campaign that is.

#56 Edited by Humanity (12929 posts) -

@dharmabum: Well I'm not sure what making a free account would accomplish for me here but I was mainly going to get it simply because it's free. Sadly I have no real love for the Halo games. I played Halo 1 on PC ages ago and thought it was quite boring, then years later I beat the campaign of Reach with a friend on Legendary, because apparently unless you play the game on that setting you won't enjoy the AI or something, but my lukewarm feelings towards the franchise had not changed. Thus I doubt Halo 3 would blow me away so I'm not really devastated over this issue but it kind of sucks that it flat out doesn't work for me.

#57 Edited by DharmaBum (1077 posts) -

@humanity: I think you'd be able to download it on a free Gold account, then your main profile on your box would have access. But yeah, if Halo's not your thing then no real loss.

I'm hoping it gives the multiplayer population a boost at least, but anyone who didn't play it back in the day will likely find the controls/mechanics dated or the difficulty too high to stick around.

#58 Posted by Humanity (12929 posts) -

@dharmabum: I've never made multiple accounts but does that work? If I just make another account on the same box it has access to my Gold status?

#59 Edited by DharmaBum (1077 posts) -

@humanity: if you use that link (which I found on a random Halo site) it lets you make a new account with 1 month free of Gold. And anything you download on one profile will work locally on the same box for other profiles, even if the original that downloaded it isn't signed in.

Making a new account with the right region might be too much of a hassle, though.

#60 Edited by Nekroskop (2831 posts) -

The fun will be DLC and requires Gold.

#61 Posted by BigJeffrey (5282 posts) -

quened it and dlc is on sale, but I'll stick with my odst disk. Also ODST is the best halo.

#62 Posted by leebmx (2342 posts) -

Some lovely Giant Bomb user gave me a free copy of Halo:Reach a month or two ago. Looks like I am now working my way backwards through the series.

I bet I am the only person with an Xbox 360 who hasn't played this game.

#63 Edited by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

@leebmx: Halo 3? I gave up around 2.. then got Reach and ODST with my new new new new 360 purchase and decided to give those a go and actually liked those.
Still haven't played 3. Kinda don't feel like it either, "Finish the fight" well no, now you're just lying to me, game! stop it

#64 Edited by TooWalrus (13352 posts) -

Halo 3 is good, but it's no ODST. Someday I'll play this copy of Halo Wars sitting on my shelf.

#65 Posted by OldManLight (1125 posts) -

i downloaded and started replaying the first couple levels of the campaign. I forgot how impressive a lot of the textures in this game were especially for a game from 2007.

#66 Posted by BigJeffrey (5282 posts) -

Man, that title screen music. Marty O'Donnell is a fucking ear orgasm wizard.

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