Warm up for Reach?

#1 Posted by Coombs (3507 posts) -

Anyone feel like warming up for Reach a little? 
I'll be on fairly often in the next two weeks,  
Gamertag: xAAx Coombs 
(If you were on my list you may not be now, I cleared 90% of it yesterday, Nothing personal to anyone) 

#2 Posted by krystians (427 posts) -

Add me please Gamertag: plkts

#3 Posted by CitizenKane (10676 posts) -

I think my brother has my copy of Halo 3, but I'm fairly certain I can get right back into it pretty quickly.

#4 Posted by Fearsome121 (65 posts) -

If you want to play some firefight, add me: Fearsome121

#5 Posted by mwng (1014 posts) -

I'm still trying to not forget the beta controls, like moving from Halo 2 to Halo 3. 6 months of throwing equipment when trying to reload :(

#6 Posted by XxXGenesisXxX (93 posts) -

add my gamertag xXxGEN3SISxXx we should play

#7 Posted by Jethuty (1052 posts) -
@XxXGenesisXxX: your gamertag sucks dude
#8 Posted by dr_pineapple (193 posts) -

I will play some Halo 3, I am not very good but invite me or add me Dr Pineapple300

#9 Posted by Coombs (3507 posts) -

I have added everyone so far. 
With the exception of CitizenKane,  Get your copy back duder

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