metalmoog's Halo 3 (Legendary Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Halo 3 - Some new, a lot more of the same?

Originally when Halo came out I thought it was an amazingly fun & original shooter.  I played through it once and finished it with a friend, and that was it.  Bought Halo 2, played it for a few hours and thought "Holy shit, this is Halo with dual wielding guns", dropped it and never picked it up again.  
Earlier this year I decided to give Halo 3 a shot, being the first time it appeared on the Xbox 360, I expected this game to advance by leaps and bounds, which it has to a certain degree.  The online matchmaking system is some of the best I have seen for any of the 360 games, the ability to record your own games, upload & share them with the community is awesome.  The graphics are prettier, but overall even with this advancements I feel this is still the exact same Halo I played years ago on the Xbox.  I haven't seen any substantial changes to the gameplay, and found even with the recent new features added, this game still bored me to tears.  I haven't even made it through the campaign yet, because the story does nothing to pull me in, I just feel no desire to continue to plod along.  In terms of the FPS genre games like Borderlands & MW2 bring a lot more to the table, for me at least.

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