pandorasbox's Halo 3 (Legendary Edition) (Xbox 360) review

A fight you won't want to finish!


Everybody knows what HALO is, but i really want to make a single review for every game i have purchased over the years, and i think HALO 3 is where i am going to start. Why? Because it's the one game i keep coming back to. There aren't many games that can keep me coming back for several years after release, but this game just grabbed me by the balls and never let go!


If you're playing HALO for the story, you're doing it wrong. Although HALO doesn't have an unnecessarily bad story, it does fall short of that epic sci-fi story that other games seem to possess. 
The story is a continuation of the famous spartans battle with the covenant, this time on Earth. I really don't want to risk spoiling the game for anybody who hasn't already purchased it (they exist, right?) but there are a few neat set pieces and such to be had here. Unfortunately, the story is very forgettable for the most part.  


The best part about HALO 3 is the co-op, you can play the single player campaign with anybody on your friends list, or even locally. It's actually pretty entertaining to play the game with friends, and it's just about the ONLY way to beat the game on the hardest difficulty. There are even some skulls you can turn on to make the campaign harder, if that's what gets you off.


HALO 3 has aged gracefully..for the most part. The game has some good lighting effects, and the models/textures are all fairly pretty throughout multiplayer and singleplayer. However, other aspects of the presentation do fall a little flat. For example, the weapons don't really feel like they have much of a weight to them, and the frame-rates can get a little chunky in some heavily populated areas where things are going on.  Overall, the quality of the games presentation is just fine..unless you're one of those people who care about the resolution ordeal, that is.


If you're playing HALO, it's probably not for the campaign. Sure, there isn't anything wrong with the campaign, but HALO is widely known for it's multiplayer thanks to a little game called HALO 2(unless you played combat evolved on pc that is).
very funny, steve!
The multiplay in HALO 3 is fantastic, and it has a little something for almost everybody. The game also comes with what is  called "FORGE" mode, where players can modify pre-existing maps with pre-built models and a "THEATER" mode where people can watch/record previous matches to show to their friends.


HALO 3 is a great package. The game has a fun campaign experience, and a supremely entertaining multiplayer that has managed to stay alive over the years. If you can look past a cheesy, forgettable story, then there is no reason not to pick this up!

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