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Will You Want To Finish The Fight?

The question as to wether you should or shouldn't buy Halo 3, the final installment of this trilogy, is simple. Yes. Not only does the game have a strong consistent yet varying storyline that can be summed up as epic. But it also has a very noteworthy online component. Wether you want to mess around in Deathmatch or capture the flag (CTF) or rather play through some of the harder difficulties with a more human and wiser buddy than what the game can offer you in single player in the online co-op. Both offer you hours upon hours of fun and replayability.
The weapons are great and feel responsive when you shoot them especially the rocket launcher! BOOM. Grenades are fun and each of the 3 different types offer a good variety and supply you with the option and stratedgy needed to complete the single player campaign.
The new vehicles and the old updated ones are fantastic to use . You get to try out all of them in the single player and you can further your skills at piloting them online as well. Noting beats driving around with 2 or 3 other teammates and shooting or mowing down your victims!
The single player will probably take around 10-15 hours to complete but moving up a difficulty could add 5 hours to that.
The weakenss is however the multiplayer where we only get around 11 maps out of the box with more that you can purchase. Also a lack of game types doesn't help.
Your AI buddies don't offer much protection other than the Arbiter, even he can't quite pull of much damage to enemies though! Kind of shows you why he was soo rubbish at protecting the covenant in the second game!!
There aren't any other real bad points to the game other than if you do want to play online you better hope to be a fast learner as there are some truly awesome players out there now who won't take mercy upon you!
Good Luck. Buy it!

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