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Halo 3 Review

Halo 3, the concluding to the epic Halo franchise, is a fitting finish. It perfects everything from the initial two games to the series. Its improvements and additions make it a game that will still be looked back on years from now.
The Graphics- Halo 3 is definitely one of the better looking games to be played on the Xbox 360. These games have generally always been known for their visuals. The multiple environments look great (particularly the first level which has a forest theme), the characters look better then ever, and the new and old weapons definitely look refined. The enemies are definitely redone the best, especially the Brutes.
The Sound- The music featured in Halo 3 is terrific. Everyone likes the theme when you first turn the game on. The soundtrack as a whole though, features some farily memorable tunes. Aside from the music, the voices are done well, and the explosions and the sounds of firing weapons are great and pretty realistic. The Covenant sound intimidating, and the Grunts no longer have a comedic voiceover. Now they sound a bit more serious. The sounds of Halo 3 are definitely great.
Gameplay- Halo 3 is one of those games that probably everyone loves for its addicting gameplay. The campaign, which takes over a dozen hours, is done so well in this game. Every confusing scene in Halo 2 is tied up well and everything makes sense. To be honest, Halo 2 confused me and I had a minor doubt that it could never be resolved, but Halo 3 proved me wrong. Anyways, the new weapons found in this game are all original and worthy of creating, plus the Assault Rifle is back. The new vehicles, such as the Hornet (the Marine version of the Banshee) are satisfying additions. Halo's most dominant feature, its multiplayer, is terrific in this game. Online and offline games both are as enjoyable as they have been. The new maps are great and just make the game all the more enjoyable. The new Forge Mode, enabling you to edit the multiplayer maps, is yet another great thing to the series. Although options are fairly limited, it is always great to battle your friends in redone maps. Overall, Halo 3 satisfies gamers yet again with its famous gameplay.
While Halo 3 is great, there is one major flaw it has. Over the years, after playing the Halo series for such a long time, I find that Halo 3 is a bit repetitive. All games have their originality, and Halo 3 does have some unique features, but it overlaps with the others a bit too much for my liking. It still is an inovative experience, but playing Halo a third time (or in my case a hundreth time) through does not make Halo 3 as fresh of an experience as it was the first time through.

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