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Halo 3 Review

Halo 3 review.

The graphics are quite good for the 360. There is no obvious texture pop in, considering the the grand scheme of some of the levels this is good. Some people may say there is not a large difference graphics wise in comparison to Halo 2. This i find to be untrue. Everything is improved, which is to be expected with the upgrade to the next gen console, there is no texture pop in. Something which its predecessor became infamous for. The lighting has improved, animations have improved. Overall an improvement over the last.

The gameplay has not changed much, if at all over all three in the series. Its a First person shooter. The innovations such as the sticky grenades still remain with the edition of the spike grenade which is ultimately useless unless stuck to an enemy. One change made in Halo 3 compared to its predecessors is the fact that you can only carry two of each type of grenade, meaning you have to take greater care in throwing them as to use them to their greatest effect. Another edition is the inclusion of the skulls, these where included in Halo 2 but never had any good reason other than a challenge. They have now been given a greater purpose with the new campaign scoring mode which adds another reason for a play through. With the inclusion of the skulls they add multipliers which can aid you in receiving a higher score and thus gamerscore. Bungie added the assault rifle back into the armory; which was a staple in the first game, but was completely forgotten in the second, replaced by the battle rifle. There is a new weapon called the spiker, a weapon of brute design. It is essentially a fully automatic machine gun, but fires spikes hence the name. It can be duel wielded. There are four new vehicles to pilot; The chopper, a brute motorcycle with powerful mounted guns, the mongoose a fast ATV, the seldom used brute prowler the brutes answer to the warthog, the hornet the humans Banshee but with a more helicopter esthetic.  The multiplayer element is still one of the greatest in gaming history, with ways to customize your spartan or elite, can be interesting. With many different options like the ability to play with local friends in the social severs and with friends with gamertags on the ranked servers with contribute to your global status with increasing ranks. Another large inclusion is forge mode, a weird play box which allows you to edit any of the multiplayer maps, not in a terrain sense but allows you to add and remove objects in the map. The only thing that limits your possibilities is your own imagination!

For the few of you who have not finished Halo 3 i will not reveal any spoilers, all you need to know is that it wraps up well, with an inebitable possibility for a sequel in the future.

All in all a good game,does justice to the saga, still one of the greatest shooters of all time, ends the story well. Forge mode is a good addition. Another great 360 exclusive. A must play for any 360 owner or first person shooter lover.


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