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Shining Example.

Halo 3 was, is and will always be one of my favorite games for a long time. It is a great sequel to the end of the trilogy and is one of the many great games of 2007. It stands as a shining example of how FPS should work on a console and even on a PC.

The campaign is great with many memorable moments. Every time you find yourself blowing up a Scarab or beating a horde of Covenant you feel like cheering for your victory until you realize that was just the scout party. The plot is fulfilling with room for potential spin offs. And another feature is 4 player co-op which just increases the madness and mayhem especially in the vehicle oriented levels.

One of the most dominate features of the Halo franchise is the multiplayer. Supporting up to 16 players you can expect some memorable moments. Luckily in Halo 3 you can save these moments thanks to the theater mode. Another new mode is forge which has recently created some amazing maps thanks to the new map Foundry and ForgeHub.  One of the aspect that Halo 3 nails absolutely is balance. Now I know Ive heard a lot of complaints about the BR spread and the Assault Rifle being to easy to use but if you compare this to other games you see that Halo 3 can change almost every each of how balanced a map or gametype is by either simple tweaksr major changes. Ever think that the sniper rifle on Guardian should be in Top Gold well then go right ahead and change that.

Judging Halo 3 by it's "short campaign" or "bad BR spread" is missing the point of the game and why it is so popular. It is popular because it works and works well. Its a perfect example of how an FPS should work and will be used as a point of reference to future games.

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