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The King has returned.

Halo 3 is the 3rd game in the Halo series. Of course. The franchise that made console FPS cool. It is alot more of  what you have come to expect. The Chief and Cortana save the world.

Gameplay :
  Halo 3 doesn't stray from the formula . But it polishes it to a super shine. Aiming and moving are smooth as ever. The auto aim has been toned down. But not removed. It still has all the great vehicles from before. Warthog, Ghost, Banshee etc. While adding useful new ones, Mongoose , Prowler, Hornet. Everything handles the way you like.

Campaign :
 The campaign is 9 levels long. Only one i did not enjoy alot ( sorry CORTANA ) On normal or Heroic the game takes between 8-12 hrs. On legendary it will take a bit longer. But wait..... In Halo3 you can play the whole campaign online with up to 3 of your buddies. Which is just as important to me as the multiplayer. There is nothing to describe how cool it is to play this with your buddies. Especialy once you turn campaign scoring on . This turns the campaign into a co op competive game. You get points for the type of enemy , how you kill and the quickness you complete the level. All the while trying to finish with a higher score then your buddies.

Multiplayer :
 This is the what gives Halo its legs.  Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch , Oddball , King Of The Hill. All the modes you know and love again. Plus you can create your own gametypes and have them downloaded by the community . Thanks to Bungie Favs. You can upload screenshots and video clips. Now in Forge , kind of map editor. Though you don't really get to design things . Just place or replace things. Its great to see what the community has done. The maps in multiplayer are just right. You never feel lost  or at a lost for a good weapon. Bungie definitley knows how to make a great map. There has been a heroic and a legendary map pack released to give us more maps. The legendary costs 800 ms points. Heroic is free. As is a single map called cold storage. A remake of a map from Halo 1.  When you break it down . It really only is guns, melee and grenades. But you can make it as simple or strategic as you want. There is just something about getting that grenade to stick to the enemy at that right moment or getting that headshot right before your shields are gone. Sniping that guy driving that warthog that has been killing your team most of the round. That just makes this game have that "something " that only a few (COD4) ever seem to come close to.

In closing . Halo3 is a colmination of every thing you have come to expect from the series. With enough new editions to make it feel fresh. Graphics are done well. But not over done. Which keeps the games framerate butter thoughout the whole expierience . If you loved Halo or Halo 2 then Halo 3 is the great close to what you have come to love.

I gave it a 4.5 because it is a great package from begining to end. But I dont give out perfect scores. Other then that  you will not be dissappointed.

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