sins_of_mosin's Halo 3 (Legendary Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Very polished and great coop.

*This review is from June 29, 2008.*

Played solo on normal and got all the skulls. I've played the previous games on the PC so playing on the 360 took a bit to get use to. I really like the dual wield! The story was kinda hard to follow but the length of the levels was about right. I wish there was a full level with the tank or the fighter/air plane thing. Playing on normal, the enemies were quite stupid and I pretty much had no trouble.

Just this past Friday, another friend got a 360 so that made four of us with it. So, naturally I insisted we do four player co-op on heroic. We got off to a late start but beat the game in under five hours. We all agreed that the very last bit were you was driving to the ship was the best part. Wish I had a video of that moment with audio.


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