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Quick Halo 3 Review


Halo 3 has a great story which is around 10 hours long. In halo 3 your mission Is to finish the war once and for all. Thats all ill say i dont want to give away anything.


Halo 3s is a very fun game. there are a various choice of weapons to kill oncoming enimies from, shotguns to sniperifles, either way you will have alot of fun killing the locust. There are also many items you can use such as, Sticky bombs, Frag grenades, gravity lifts, ex which add to the whole experience giving you a deeper way of taking out enimies. There are also alot of vehicles to use such as, Warthogs which is one of the weakers vehicles. The Wraith which is a big heavy type vehicle with alot of damage. You can also fly some vehicles.


There nice, nothing amazing like Gear Of War 2 but still very nice to look at.  The enimies, enviroments, character models are all nicely done.

Sound & Music:

The sound and Music are very nice in Halo 3 adding to the feel of the game.

All in all Halo 3 is a great game. Which should be played by any shooting fan. If you dont already own this game and you have a 360 then you should get it now.

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