cold_wolven's Halo 3 (Legendary Edition) (Xbox 360) review

A fitting end to an excellent saga

 You play as Master chief once more in his last journey to destroying the Covenant and their plans of activating all Halo rings simultaneously and wiping out life's very existence from the galaxy. So strap your helmet on, grab your rifle and prepare for the battle of the year.

So immediately after you pick up the controller you'll notice the similarities in the way the game plays but with a few new adjustments. X is no longer reload as it now is used for deploying equipment such as bubble shields or jump lifts. Reloading is now handled with the shoulder buttons that allow for individual reloading while still firing with the other weapon. Other than that the game still controls like it use to.

There definately is a lot more vehicle combat this time around. Warthogs make a return with the same feel for the fishtail movement. Scorpions are also in aswell as the new mongoose that allows for 2 people to hop on. With new Covenant vehicles like the brute chopper which is like this big motorbike for the brutes with a cannon and turbo boost for crashing into vehicles now make the fights a lot more epic with large outdoor environments to roam around in. However even with these big outdoor environments and vehicle combat it doesn't stop the game from feeling too short for the single player.

Graphics have definately been a key complaint before the game was released. The game looks good there's no doubt about that and the HDR lighting used for outdoor environments is brilliant and compared to other 360 titles this is definately one of the prettiest. But too much of a comparison will made between this and Halo 2 in terms of visuals. Character models still kind of have that muddy look in facial detail and clothing and enemies like the grunts still look the same but really its hard to make a real significant jump in visuals when Halo 2 was already a good looking game. Bungie was still going for that same art direction as the first 2 and to use a different engine may destroy the look and feel of the game.

Now of course sound is another key part to the overall quality of the game. The familiar scores used for battles between UNSC and Covenant still remain and are still heart pounding especially through a Dolby Digital stereo. The soldiers still have those cheeky english accents and clever dialogue, grunts still sound cowardly and brutes sound brutish to say the least. All the voice actors from the last game make a return and the dialogue and acting is still top notch. All the guns like rocket launchers and SMGs have their familiar sounds also.

Even with a short single player there's still multiplayer that has been the series saving grace when the campaign was finished. It's everything you would expect with some really memorable maps to play and there's no denying that you would atleast have a favourite. Game modes are still the same and the multiplayer is more robust with the inclusion of Forge which is like a map editor, not on par with say Far Cry's but it's still fun to mess around with and with the abiltity to save replays you'll definately look back and laugh. Multiplayer is where the game is really at and the reason why it will still be spinning in your tray.

Halo 3 is defiantely the perfect way to finish off the trilogy. The single player has everything that makes Halo what it is with epic battles and a fabulous score playing in the background. Multiplayer is even better and with the promise of new maps coming so its hard to understand why you wouldn't pick this game up now.

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