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Hail to the cheif

Reviewed by Callum Brine 5 stars

Halo 3 picks off straight after where halo 2 left of it drops you straight in to the action with out a 2 long and boring cut scene like what halo 2 had.
For new players new to the halo series this will feel a very easy game to pick when you get in to the game you will have a little tutorial what pretty good for new players and it ties in with the story kind off.
Halo 3’s campaign will take most players who are used to fps genre about 15 hours play maybe even less but halo 3 has lots of replay value in it so you will have to go trough the game a good few times before you’ve got all the skull terminal and completed the game on all difficulty’s. This time in halo 3 for co op instead of every 1 playing as master chief the other player will play as 3 elites and 1 famous elite the arbiter but this time you have normal 2 player co-op and new to halo is 4 player online co-op what very fun playing halo with 4 of your mates over xbox live .But the main thing what will keep you coming back for more and more of halo 3 will have to be the multiplayer this will last for ever and with all the file sharing and the map downloads I can see halo 3 being in the eyes of us gamers for many years to come. also there are new armour for Spartans and elites to unlock for online what can be unlocked from getting skull terminal promotion on multiplayer mode and completing certain lever on certain difficulties.
Also they have added forge mode to halo 3 what lets you kind of edit the maps for multiplayer mode as it dose not let you build a map from scratch it lets you put weapons down were you want and object what can change the way you play a map quite a lot.
The story of halo 3 continues straight after were halo 2 left of and brings and end to the saga in a very nice way(remember wait till after the credits) I wont give to much away about the story in case I spoil it for people who have not played it.

Halo 3 if a very good game but not amazing as we were expecting but is still worth playing the only reason I didn’t give the game 10 out 10 was down to there are some pretty serious faults in the game what cant be over looked but still a very good game

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