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"Man I Just Go No Scoped =["

Halo 3, Halo 3, Halo3. Just when the name is brought up people begin to smile.

  • Campaign:
Sure many can complain about the lack of details in the single player, but to be perfectly honest, who gives a shit. The single player experience is epic. I mean yeah sure it leaves you wanting more, but isn't that the purpose of these games. I never did play any of the previous Halo games so everything being said in the dialogue mad about as much sense as a blind kid in a batting cage. All I can tell you is that Master Chief is pissed and wants to set shit ablaze, and you get to tag along =]. Level design is vast and beautiful. The cut scenes are nothing to be in awe about but they to are pretty. But the meat of this comes from the action. Killing off hordes of flood never felt so good, it's even better in my opinion in 4 player co-op. The only real problem I had with the campaign is that whenever the AI has to drive you around, they end up doing as good a job as Helen Keller. However that's just a minor flaw when your kicking covenant ass =]

  • Online Mischief
Eeekkkk, the reason why millions bought this game, and it does not let down. The online is by far the best experience anyone can ever have. If it's not no scoping someone across the map, or those times when the score is 49 to 49, or your friend sending you a clip where he gets splattered by a cone, Halo 3 multiplayer delievers. Theres not a better feeling than getting on after a depressing day to dominate 10 year olds. The whole community eeling of the online play is something many games have tried to manipulate but fail. If I had to pick one game to play for the rest of my life, it would be Halo 3 hands down, Thanks Bungie.

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