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Halo 3 is one of the best games on the Xbox 360

Halo 3 had a lot of expectations to fulfill, does it succeed yes it does.

Graphics - 4/5 (The graphics are a disappointment, they look like the average Xbox 360 game)
Gameplay - 5/5 (The new weapons and vehicles make the game feel fresh)
Campaign - 5/5 (Terrific story, challenging Legendary mode, 4-Player Xbox-Live Co-op)
Multiplayer - 5/5 (Best Multiplayer matches and games on the 360, File Share, Online Co-op)
Sound - 5/5 (Great Halo music, fantastic voice acting)

Good -
- Great ending to the Halo trilogy
- 4-Player Xbox Live Co-op
- Multiplayer for up to 16 players
- Create your own original map
- Music grabs you in

Bad -
- Short campaign
- Every single player is a f****** 2 year old
- Marines are useless

Halo is a wonderful game, it deserves all the hype it is getting.  It is a great ending to the Halo trilogy. The story of the game continues the adventures of the Master Chief. The humans have been locked in a war against the Covenant for years now, and it is your job to save humanity. Not only from the Covenant but from the parasitic Flood as well. Since this is the last game in the trilogy, you'll know that your enemies will be defeated, but how? The Halo rings of course, weapons of mass destruction.  The campaign has 9 levels, which is really short for a first person shooter. It should take you about 6 hours to complete on the Heroic difficulty. The Heroic difficulty isn't that hard actually, if you've played shooters before then this is the difficulty for you. Legendary is challenging for the average gamer, but first person shooter fanboys should be able to be it in under 8 hours. The best part of the campaign is the 4-player Xbox-Live co-op. Though it can get laggy, it is still alot more fun to di it with 3 other people instead of just by yourself.

The Multiplayer is wow, great. Tons of different playlists including Ranked, Social, DLC, and Hardcore. It's weird that even though the game came out more than a year ago, more than 250,000 people play Halo 3 on Xbox-Live. Custom games is alot of fun, someone hosts a game that they created and you play. There's games like Infection where someone starts out as a Zombie and they have to kill the other players to turn them into Zombie. Another Custom game is V.I.P. where the teams score by killing the other teams V.I.P. The Forge Mode is new to the series, you can create your own map. You can't create your own map from scratch, but you edit the weapons, spawn points, equipment, vehicles, and other stuff. Theatre is also new, you can watch saved films from past Missions, Multiplayer matches, Forge sessions, etc. Overall Halo 3 is one of the best games on the Xbox 360, must by for anyone who has a 360!


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