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Halo 3 is a masterpiece

The reason I bought an xbox 360 was for Halo 3. The Best multiplayer, The Best story, The Best score, and an excellent campaign and some stunning graphics. The familiar score of the Halo series is played as the menu screen appears, the first thing you do is click on the solo campaign and finish the fight!

After you have finished the fight, which will include the best array of weapons and vehicles yet, some stunning environments and some unfortunate character graphics, also the new deployables and a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy, you can use up the next few years of your life playing multiplayer, over Live or with friends, or you can enjoy watching and editing your campaign and multiplayer triumphs in Theatre and customizing and creating your own maps in Forge. The truth is there is so much stuff packed into this one disc that you are in fact playing one and a half games. All this content is incredibly addictive in use and will provide endless replayability.


Halo 3 has lived up to the hype, and given us more, it is absultely a must own for everyone with an xbox 360. It is quite simply the best game to date on this console and part of possiblty the best gaming trilogy of all time.
Posted by CandiBunni

The graphics are not, and were not stunning. Even for their time. Halo 3's campaign, compared to Halo: CE, ODST, Wars, and Reach is absolute garbage. Even Halo 2 had a more interesting campaign. The only thing saving this game is the multiplayer. 

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