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Halo3 Review


  • Visuals and texture details can lend an awed "movie-like" feeling, especially on 1080p.
  • Forge mode, with the addition of the map Foundry, makes a simplistic, yet very easy map editor.
  • ... Plus, with the addition of making your own game modes, and collaborating them with your very own Forged maps, you can create your very own (mini)games. (Add friends for infinite fun)
  • 4-player co-op is a neat addition


  • Hefty amount of trial-and-error in both multiplayer and single player. You will keep saying "where did that explosion come from?" a gazillion of times in frustration.
  • Close-range combat in multiplayer is annoying and abysmal, that being caused by the warped HUD and double-melees.
  • All weapons are imbalanced, most meant for close-ranges and very few meant for long/medium ranges.
  • The AI in the campaign is laughable. The Brutes are headshot magnets. They are challenging in numbers, but not in skill. This is a major disappointment, especially after the amazing AI that we have witnessed in the previous Halo games.
  • The story is full of WTF moments that make no sense, even if you beat Halo2 and 1 and read all the novels.
  • Ends in a cliff-hangar.
  • Theater mode is cool, but it's impossible to watch videos with friends in your party.

CONCLUSION: This game was a disappointment.
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Posted By Tru3_Blu3

I know, guys. It's a really shitty review from when I was a dumb late-teen. Halo3 really isn't all that bad.

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