ishoturface's Halo 3 (Legendary Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Despite a short campaign the multiplayer makes up for it.

The good: Awesome multiplayer and ranking system - Sound is still very good - great story - mind blowing replay value - great graphics - great co-op - still that amazing gameplay.

The bad: short campaign - friendly AI couldnt save a drowning fish.

People waited three long years for halo 3.
Some were disappointed, some thought it was epic, others thought that it was both.
The latter is more right.
Disappointing in the fact that the campaign is the shortest out of all the Halo games but epic in the sense of beyond awesome multiplayer making up for the short campaign.

The game picks up right after the ending of halo 2,
when master chief is on his way back to earth in the ship you see him in in the halo 2 ending.
So the ship crashes and the marines and Sergent Johnson find him pretty much dead.
But they cant let him die now can they?
So they get him back to life and then it is time to kick some covenant ass.
If you played halo 2 then you that near the end of the game the elites join the humans.

So bungie takes that and turns it into something good.
This time in the co-op instead of the second player being another spartan this time they are the arbiter who is in case you dont know the leader of the elites.
The basic story is still the same although still epic.
The remainders of the covenant still led by the prophets are still trying to destroy the human race with halo.
Which is a big weapon capable of massive destruction.
And it is your job to stop them.
And a little part of the story is trying to find cortana, who somehow became lost in halo 2.

The missions feel the same as in halo 2 although the gameplay is a bit diiferent.
The game begins with you on earth fighting against covenant on earth, which is where most (if not all) of the covenant have gone.

The first mission (as mentioned earlier) has you on earth.
But the thing about this place on earth is that it is just beautiful
Its more of a jungle than a forest that makes for a great place to fight the covenant. There are also some missions with the infamous and pain in the ass flood and there are some new species in the flood now too.
One of them is a big creature (about as big as a hunter) but is kinda easy to kill. Or the most deadly flood in my opinion, which is the creature that can hang on walls while shooting some sort of acid at you. And since they make it hard to see them that is what makes them deadly.
You can also play the campaign online with up to 4 players. Not as great as local co-op but still good.
The campaign only took me around 6 hours to cpmplete on normal (easy being the easiest and legendary being the hardest).
But since i have quite a bit of experience with the previous games that might be part of why it did not take me so long.
But anybody else may take 6-12 hours really depending on your halo experience and FPS experience and what difficulty setting you have it on.

The halo series is known for having probably the most well known vehicle in gaming history... The warthog.. This jeep like vehicle is the back of the earths defense and offense being able to have either a cannon on the back or a chain gun.
Most of the old vehicles return except for the spectre but instead there is a souped up version of it. But its not like the vehicle was popular at all anyway.
There are some new additions like the mongoose, a ATV like vehicle capable of holding up to two people (one to drive and the other can fire his/her weapon).
Or the human version of the banshee, the hornet which is quite a bit better than the banshee in all its glory.
There is also a brute vehicle this time call the chopper. No it is not a helicopter but it is more like a motercycle but with blades like thing in the front and two guns that fire explosive bullets capable of taking down a tank.
Even some of the older vehicles of have been redone.
Like the scorpion tank, which instead of only one player being able to be in it. Now two can, one drives and mans the cannon while the other uses the turret.
The same with the wraith one person driving and using the plasma cannon while the other uses the turret.
There is even a new type of warthog, a carrier warthog. There is no weapon on the bac of it instead it is more like pick up truck with a driver and 5 passengers who can fire their weapons.
The banshee which on halo 2 could not fire its deadly cannon in the multiplayer, is back.

There are aslo some new weapons like the spiker,a brute smg that is deadly at close range.
Oh and the famous assault rifle is back, now why they took it out of halo 2 i have no idea but it is just nice to have it back.
The needler is actually useful this time (the last time it was only useful when duel wielded even then it was not very good) but this time if your aim is good you can kill an enemy with about half mag or whatever they call it on the needler.
The Smg is back but it is more powerful at doesnt sound like an automatic stapler this time around.
The original halo ce pistol is back as well but it is not nearly as powerful and you still cant aim with a scope.
Probably the biggest addition of all the weapons is the hammer.. LIke the energy sword (xcept with a hammerhead on the end of a stick) it is actually more deadly then the sword since just slamming it on the ground will hurt or kill any surrounding enemies.

A big addition to the arsenal is the ability to pick up turret guns.
After getting on a turret gun you can press the B button to pick it up and carry it around in third person view.
This also goes for some rocket turrets you may find throughout the game. And there is also a flamethrower you can find.
There are also some new grenades thrown in for good measure.
The spike grenade, a brute grenade that can stick to any surface (even faces).
And the fire grenade which is not very common in the campaign and not all that useful at all.

One more big thing added to the series, is being able to pick up items.
More like powerups if you ask me.
LIke the energy drain which when it is not picked up is a big blue ball of destruction just waiting for its purpose.
You can pick it up but walking over it and then press X to throw is wherever you are aiming. And then any enemies near it will have there shields drained enableing you to kil them easier.
Or the bubble shield.. Which is exactly like it sounds.. A shield in the shape of a half bubble..
Or the regenerator which gives anyone near it health if it is low.
These really can make a difference in the game and they dont feel like they were thrown in just to be there.

The gameplay really has changed since halo 2.
The health HUD is now at the top of your screen.
Some weapons feel less powerful. I dont know if it is just me but weapons (mainly the battle rifle) feel a lot weaker.
You can still duel wield most small weapons except for the needler (prolly cuz of how much more powerful it is in this game).
Fighting against brutes in the campaign is not nearly as satisfying as fighting against the elites. Mainly since the elites were smarter and harder to kill.

The friendly Ai is D-U-M-B. My god if you were to have five year old drive a vehicle the five year old would do ten times better than the marines.
But the enemy Ai is way better, always dodging grenades.. Except for the grunts who do kamakazi acts by getting plasma grenades stuck on their hands and running around (into to you) and sometime they are succesful in trying to kill you with them.
The grunts will say many funny things like "he is not here to help!".
Or "Im going to kill you jerk!".
The grunts are just plain funny but they dont seem so funny with a fuel rod in their hands.

Now for the multiplayer in al its epicness.
Halo ce's multiplayer was very good but only splitscreen.
Halo 2's multiplayer was better with splitscreen and online.
Halo 3's is better than both of the previous halo multiplayer put together.
Why? You can still play with up to 4 players on splitscreen and 16 players online. But that is of course not the reason.
It is better because of the maps, game modes, gameplay and many other things make it awesome.
What to say about the multiplayer...... WOW just WOW.
The multiplayer is no doubt the best multiplayer ever (next to cod4).
The ranking system is sorta like cod4's but not really.
After each match you may or may not get exp. You really only ever get one exp point after each match but you have to do good.
Only getting one point sounds dumb but that is the way they made it since leveling up isnt all that hard.
Getting to Sergent only takes 20 exp but it will take longer than i made it sound. Getting to an officer rank requires 70 exp and a skill level of ten.
Now skill level is mainly based on your wins the more wins the higher the skill level.
There are about 10 maps to begin with, but there are maps you have to download in order to play ranked games.
The maps you start with are in my opinion the best of them.
LIke sandtrap, the biggest multiplayer map in the history of halo (even bigger than bloody gulch in halo ce).
It seems that it is easier to get kill ini this game than halo 2 now it might be because of bringing the assualt rifle back or the new weapons and vehicles but its just nice to not take 2 full clips to kill someone with the battle rifle.
And then there is forge.. it is sorta a map maker but it only allows you to move around the stuff in the already made maps and put some new stuff in.
The multiplayer is to ogreat to be summed up in one review. But i gave you basics.

The sound is still as good as the previous games. There is still the same aweseom halo them and very good acting.

The graphics are good but not as ground breaking as before. But still good.

Overall the campaign may be short and slightly disppointing but the multiplayer more than makes up for it and this game will keep you busy for years to come.


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