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151941 FreezyFrog Game Overview More formatting 12/30/14 09:21AM 9 Approved
151940 FreezyFrog Game Overview Did some more formatting 12/30/14 09:20AM 11 Approved
151917 FreezyFrog Game Overview Added mythic 2 map info and some formatting 12/30/14 05:02AM 40 Approved
151915 FreezyFrog Game Overview Formatting issue 12/30/14 04:48AM 0 Approved
136020 cann3dheat Game Overview Added credits through Production 09/14/14 03:11PM 120 Approved
135478 cann3dheat Game Overview Added the rest of the visual arts 09/10/14 06:23PM 54 Approved
135155 cann3dheat Game Overview More additions through Concept Art/Skies/Matte Painting 09/08/14 10:36PM 140 Approved
131711 cann3dheat Game Overview Adding some credits to Halo 3 08/25/14 11:45AM 26 Approved
105112 eumesmo Game Overview Cortana boobs jiggle in some cutscenes. 05/08/14 09:51AM 2 Approved
99635 Poltergeist13 Game Overview updated game details 04/12/14 09:33PM 29 Approved
48695 Captain_Felafel Game Overview Scrubbed through the additions/changes I made to this page years ago and cleaned them up, fixed grammatical mistakes, rephrased some things to flow better, and removed many superfluous bits of overly-specific, non-interesting information. 08/09/13 02:57PM 5 Approved
2451 R2KA Game Releases 02/15/13 12:08AM 24 Denied
580 Asky314159 Game Releases 02/12/13 07:11PM 152 Approved

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