A Spartan vs an Elite in a fist fight? Oh hell yeah!

#1 Posted by big_jon (5823 posts) -

This is something I have always wanted to see! Finally, through Spartan Ops it is here!

What do you guys think of the Spartan Ops story so far? I am starting to like the characters more my self, seeing an elite an a main antagonist is nice, Jul does a great job at this. finally seeing Serin Osman is pretty great too, and her telling Lasky to take out Halsey? It won't happen, but Oni is getting more and more evil. I think the the universe will change with Spartan Ops, which is a good thing, i think I like the story that Spartan Ops is telling more than the overarching one in the campaign now.

I have a feeling that I know where Halo 5 is headed, at least partially.

Also, Palmer? That is one big scary lady.

#2 Posted by KaneRobot (1974 posts) -

The more recent SpOps episodes have had a much more interesting story than the first 5. Kind of wrote it off as something not really relevant to the story after I finished the first set, but the last few weeks pulled me back in for sure.

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Really loving Spartan Ops cinematics

#4 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1866 posts) -

@DaMisterChief said:

Really loving Spartan Ops cinematics


#5 Posted by big_jon (5823 posts) -

@Artemesia said:

@DaMisterChief said:

Really loving Spartan Ops cinematics


He's a big boy.

#6 Posted by meaninoflife42 (570 posts) -

@DaMisterChief said:

Really loving Spartan Ops cinematics

I have the weirdest boner right now.

#7 Posted by laserbolts (5389 posts) -

Say what you want about halo 4 but 343 can definetly do some great looking cinematics.

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