Brad Shoemaker & JP McDaniel streaming Spartan Ops LIVE

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JP who?

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is JP a fellow duder?

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I'm there!

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@UberExplodey said:

is JP a fellow duder?

Some kind of starcraft 2/e-sports promoter guy going by the description.

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JP is a figure in the esports community, primarily focusing on StarCraft 2. He's the long-time host of State Of The Game, a StarCraft 2 podcast show. Brad has played a few games of StarCraft 2 on stream with JP in the past.

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Ah ok, just curious. I've watched him stream some Borderlands and DayZ a while back, just curious how he knew Brad. Thanks @MiniPato &@Savage

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@UberExplodey: Brad was also on State of the Game when they did it live at E3 one year.
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Curious whatever happened with that State of the Game rumor from earlier in the year regarding CBSi. Well, obviously nothing but they hinted at something being in the works. That show was supposed to have big things happen, and instead it disappeared for months. Hmm....

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LOL Brad... "this AI guy is a fuckin' reta... I didn't say that."

He's right though.

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